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Catch - 22 'Pinks'


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Anyone have a pair for sale? I'm looking.
Eastman only did the Rangoon scalloped pocket flap shirts. The shirts shown in Catch-22 are the standard square flap.
But, just to brag, I own both of ELC's Pinks and Greens Rangoon shirts....but I ain't sellin' sorry. :p
I'm surprised that ELC still sells the pants but they won't continue producing the shirts.... must have been a heavy investment to recoup and just wasn't worth continuing. Its not really a style just anyone would wear. I would imagine only re-enactors or collectors that want a shirt for a display would even drop $120 for a wool shirt that has a decidedly "western" look.... so I would be curious as to how many they made and sold.


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Have both. Wore one once. If I had a dollar for dollar I wasted on what I thought I needed I would have lots if dollars and wardrobe space. At The Front did square flapped picket OD shirts. Once. Not that popular.


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