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Catch-22 ELC Yo Yo actor jackets up for auction


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Hahaha... Why didn't you say right away! Thats good call. Solved. No more sleepless nights.
Those PH jackets have come along way since Pearl Harbour! Actually look pretty good now (besides those crazy collar wings)....


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Sorry for the delay in replying but I already knew the answer to Yo Yo's jacket months ago. I thought you guys would have known or eventually figure it out.
The answer is the actor Christopher Abbott on screen jacket is an ELC "Pearl Harbor" jacket. Some folks misses the fact that this is also an ELC house jacket but it is concieved by Eastman and does not follow an original contract that why it has an Eastman label as do all their house jackets.

Rob from ELC congratulated me for discovering this.

Nice work mate!