CAG-19 & CVA-34 Oriskany From G&B


Finally I received these two patches from Gibson&Barnes, high quality and accurate reproduction of the originals...CAG-19 & CVA-34 Oriskany.
The size of the cva-34 is accurate about 5mm less diameter than the most reproduction on market.



Aren’t those also on the Top Gun Mav jacket? Was his Dad at Toko Ri?
Yes they are...The topgun original jacket was founded in a shop with the patches on, then reproduced many times by the crew. The patches were not choosen in a consistency way...So it seems that there was no link between the jacket from his dad in the story and Tokyo-Ri. Except viper has said that he serve with him VF-51 in the Oriskany carrier.
Also Oriskany Carrier patch was not official but created by the film crew of Tokyo-ri

Ed Rooney

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To me, the jacket looks like something that might have been owned by a Mustang (former enlisted man) officer. It has patches for surface and shore assignments, and also the Chief pin on the pocket.