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C-2 Sweater


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Carl, mine has a Kover zip as well. That said I haven’t seen a repro, even a Walden’s, with that type of covered zip. Walden does have nice repros but I don’t know if they have reproed that one. Perhaps a maker here who uses their zips will know if it’s in their catalogue.
Don’t give up yet.


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Agree with Dave, I don't think you have any worries. I highly doubt any repro maker today could reproduce the unusual covering used on the C-2 zipper and make it affordable. Not to geek out, but when you look at the intricate detail that went into making that covering it's remarkable it was made for a mass produced military garment. It looks like something that would go in a fine men's wear sweater.

Dave, does your Kover zip have brass colored teeth as well?


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Thanks Guys , maybe its the photo ? Im waiting to get this in hand . So ill know better then :).