Buzz v Bronson [2020]: MA-1 Comparison; the little details...


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My B-15A is supposed to be delivered today!
Looking forward to hearing and seeing your MA-1!
Hi Brett
Please give us your thoughts on your New Bronson after it arrives . It’s good to have a couple of different reviews of the same jacket. I’d like to know your ideas about it to see if we are on the same page or if you feel differently about the jacket .


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It just arrived. Size 42 fits well (with a touch of room), lengths fine. Quality jacket for the price. Has some weight!
Absolutely agree about the collar though... Still middle of the workday here, so will try get some more perspective over the weekend.

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Bronson Ma-1

Previously sent back M38 as it was too small. This is the new L40. The colour seems better a bit darker than the first one if memory is correct. Really happy with sizing looks ok with a t-shirt with room for a sweatshirt when it gets colder. The pocket linings are thick canvas cotton, cuffs feel like a wool mix? Collar stands up like the BR version. The sleeves don’t feel as blousey round the forearms. As much as I like my G1 and the A2, nylon flights are much more comfortable in the Cab. The office pocket and side entry pockets are better for access too. I recently saw a post about the short period the B-10 lasted before becoming B-15 because of pocket issue, this would make sense. The wind flap with straight edge would be annoying if left open but as this is wool lined and warm, I imagine it will be worn fully zipped up. Well done @bronson_vintage

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Yes @Brettafett size 42.

5’8” 170-174 lbs. The jacket looks a bit awkward on me, was having to press the camera and run backwards to get in position...haha.
Will try and do a shot in daylight.
The colour is more like the picture I am wearing jacket than the following one hanging up on door.

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