Buzz Rickson L-2a sizing?


Interestingly Bronson seem to have made slight upgrades once again. At least the labels now differ for both colours stating L2 and L2a (instead of generic L2b in the previous jackets) and the L2 has a leather oxygen tab too.


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Oh what the heck, I placed an order for a size M.

My logic being: If it doesn't fit I can return it, I'll lose the shipping cost.

If the M is too small, I'll definitely know it. Whereas if I ordered a L, I couldn't be sure if I could have gone down a size. And I like trimmer L-2As based on photos.
You will be fine.... enjoy it!

London Cabbie

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Im tempted myself... Looks nice.

Model is 5' 8”/ 178cm, weighs 158lbs/ 72.5kg, wears a size M/38 - And that looks like a good fit.
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I’m lucky @bronson_vintage model is same size as me slightly heavier. Everything he wears looks more or less same as me. Greg that L pic looks one size slightly too big to my mind.
Im still really happy with cheapo China Jinrushi L-2 as advised by Burt. Pockets bit too low.