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I am a BIG believer in karma. A week ago I discovered an unattended day pack. While part of me would normally consider it an unattended PBIED I monitored it and engaged with a couple of people before realizing it was unattended. I found a wallet in the front pocket and without hesitation drove across town to the address on the licence and a letter in the body of the bag.

I was in uniform so it seemed legit when I knocked on the door. The Indian gentleman smiled when he saw the bag and I insisted that the wallet had not been touched and I invited him to verify all the contents were there. Explained how I came to find it and he refused to open the bag in my presence because it was disrespectful to me, having driven it to his home. I actually cried. I had found out that my sister in law is losing the bulk of a 'boob' to cancer next week. It all hit me I suppose. ANYHOO...

I left with him and his wife happy, and me feeling chuffed that I had got out of the office for longer than planned. I figured I had tipped the karma scale Breona's way for this week. And then the Yahoo Gods just smiled on me...

Buzz Rickson 63rd Bomb Squadron B-10 Jacket in a 42. Insane price and looks in good shape. Anything with art gets my blood pumping...

After getting the 'Ken's Men' B-10 link earlier this week this was just too much of a coincidence.

43rd Bomb Group were based out of Queensland in WWII, like my beloved Jolly Rogers and the Mareeba Butchers.






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Hey Couchy, I'm 100% in your camp with karma. It's not always that fast to come back (unlike Aussie boomerangs of which I have a story for another day).
Wishing you all well too.
Enjoy that jacket - it's amazing.

Great story for the day. Much needed on my end...