Buzz B-15/L-2A pale tread authenticity.....?

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I am interested in Buzz L-2A and B-15B. They are original maker versions (Superior togs, Arnoff...), really nice but the jackets are constructed with a pale green or blue tread depending on the jacket ....

Is this authentic? I've seen tread that matches the jacket green or blue nylon on originals on the internet but still searching for an answer on the paler tread used by Buzz.

This may sound silly, but since the version depicted are original makers repros, I am curious if it's authentic.




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Buzz jackets are pretty good quality jackets particularly the military repros . Occasionally they may take a liberty or two in their interpretation of some features . I have a couple of Buzz’s and I’m pretty happy with them.

Dany McDonald

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I already have a B-10 (RW), B-15 (Arnoff), two Mod B-15A (Maker under modified tag) ... And yes I really like them, but the tread on the B-10 is mid green instead of the ''usual'' green (thats ok).

Now I am looking at a nice L-2A (Superior togs) and the tread is very light compared to the B-10. It contrast a lot with the blue nylon to a certain itchy point, lets say!

I've noticed that Buzz takes some creative liberties and to me it affect the authenticity of the original maker repro concept... I know I have issues...:rolleyes:

RM tends to stays true the overall details when they reproduce a jacket, from what I've seen on the internet.

N.B. I will not reopen the red knits on the ST B-10....;)

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No you don't have a problem^^, if so: we all have ^^ That's a very good question: The tread color is a real subject. The original is a bonded tread: it's a coating put on the thread, to make it more smooth, protect it or make it Nomex.

Aside that , BR used on their L-2a various colors: from dark blue to light blue Bonded or not. The Bonded thread can make also the tread shine a lot and make lighter than what it is. BR production evoluate over the years of production: it's not a constant product. I have 2005, 2008, 2010... production. There is some variation in the thread, lining, shade of color . And they also want to make some slight change to have excuse to buy it for the avid Japanese collector.
these poinst may be detail, but it's real. I can make pictures of my real superios togs L2-a later next to my various BR L-2a. From what I remember they are dark blue. There also the spacing in between the tread points. Older BR are very close points: not really like like original: but who knows, may be one real manufacturer did that. Later prod, are more normal.
And you can't really compare a B-10 and a L2-A, because thread are OD not Blue or you mean B-15C ?

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Hello Ubik,

Was the bonded process used in the 40 and 50 ?

I was comparing my B-10 and L-2/B-15 with Buzz very light green or blue tread. The color doesn't matter, Buzz liberties does in the end.

I've uploaded two images of Buzz Superior Togs L-2A to make my point...

But this afternoon I found an original Monarch B-15 with light tread, see image, so it's possible...





Hello Dany, yes Bonded are also like real. the BR L-2a edition you show ( with green liner) is a special edition with light blue bonded tread: personnaly I don't remember seen this type in real. May be had existed in real but I am not sure. My real L-2a superior togs have dark blue thread. BR do other style clsoer to my real one too. You just have to check yahoo auction from time to time. The only problem to buy with Buyee or others is that you will have to pay Custom for sure.
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I got snapped when I ordered from Rakuten for fees, but the two packages from individuals on buyee were packaged with thick paper cardboard and tape. The ''paper balls'' were surprisingly strong but really cheap looking. Canadian customs did not pay attention to them.

The OD Monarch B-15C is one of my favorite Nylon jacket, I like the contrast of the different colors (zipper tape-knits-Nylon and that reddish collar). RM did a nice rendition once....