BUNGLE CLOTH: I get the last laugh on Cockpit


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This is almost too good to be true.

Some of you may remember me writing about the Cockpit 37J1 I purchased a year and half or so ago, and the odd looking, flat ribbed, faux Bedford cord fabric it was made of.

Well, I've just made a discovery that will amuse and amaze.
The fabric is fine! THEY JUST USED IT WRONG-SIDE-OUT!!!

I figured this out earlier today when I removed 3 large, ugly labels from the lining. One was sewn onto a backing of this very same, apparently faux Bedford cord.

Once it was off the lining, I absentmindedly turned the backing over and what did I see but...THIS. The ribbing was there all along. BUT ON THE INSIDE.
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Ohh no!
Well ... I’m lost for words! :D
Maybe if enough of us contact the company , they might get it right next time.... or maybe they might offer a discount on the screwed up ones..... but probably not.

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