Bronson N1 deck vs. NonStock N1 deck


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Guys, who has an h-1 bronson in blue? I need accurate measurements of size 42, thank you. Visually, according to the photo, h-1 in blue differs from others for the better, besides, as far as I understood, it was originally in blue..


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Guys, if someone is interested and it may be useful, my NonStock N1 shrank a bit after washing at 30 degrees, but only in width (the shoulders became 1.5 cm and the chest 2.5 cm smaller), the length of the sleeves and the back lenght remained the same.
Now it fits and looks even better and soon I'll play with stencils on back, now I’m consulting with some guys who served in the USN and who know how everything should be correct much better than me.


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and... whats the color like for the green one? super green or a nice olive drab?