Bronson N1 deck vs. NonStock N1 deck


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its been a while and currently out to sea. Family went to buy me a Bronson but my size was out of stock so instead they got me the non stock for xmas. haven't seen it yet but super stoked on getting it! Anyone have pics (other than the ones on the manufactures) of their non stock deck jacket? I'm kinda bummed about no Bronson but the non stock looks pretty good to me


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I wanted to buy a Bronson N1, the website still says black friday 20% off with no code needed, but I don't see any discount when I put the jacket in the cart, is $179.99 already discounted? I don't think so but I don't remember if the price before the black friday was 179.99, and there is no online chat available right now to ask. Anyone can give me a quick reply? Thanks