Bronson Fall/Winter 2020 plan


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I had one of their previous B-15a jackets that was just too small, so I sold it off. Based on what the rep told us a few months ago regarding Bronson making bigger size jackets, I ordered another B-15a. They really are good quality jackets for the money, and I’m hopeful that they worked out the sizing so that bigger guys can wear their B-15a’s . If not ... oh well ... someone will get a great deal!:rolleyes:


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I think I know the ones you mean, I have some here that do just snap together with a little tap from a hammer. These seem slightly different though and require the top of the point flattening in order to secure them. Found the tool on amazon, so I'll have a go next week.


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I like it! Happy with the fit and the overall quality. Happy that the waistband is not 'loose', all the bits are of good quality.
Agree, the collar is not as nice as the B-10... More like faux fur, than mouton...
The lining has a heavy 'musky' smell also, so let see. Plan to inspect more over the weekend.
Watch this space.


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I feel your pain Monsoon, really do .
Your only option is to drop big bucks on an ELC , as even a Buzz only goes to 44-46.
Doesn’t seem right.

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