Bronson Denim WWII s506XX repro


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I am not associated with Bronson in any way. I write to appreciate the work done by another commercial maker. the quality of any repro will depend heavily on the maker's understanding of the original, the key is understanding, a mere copy will not have the right look or soul of the garment. As the owner is a feverist & collector himself, most Bronson's work are very good.
Hardware or spec is not difficult to reproduce - either U have it exact or U do not have it or get various degree of likeness of substitutes (at what costs vs selling px). What is difficult is the cutting - the understanding of the cutting and proportion of the jacket.
This repro is by far one of the few BEST of of WWII s506XX repro, better than most (if not ALL) versions of levis/LVC, it is that good.
The goods:
1) wider shoulder, together with a wider body create the correct boxy look of the original. MOST makers are afraid not to make it short and boxy enough. Since its target mkt is mainly Chinese, it has done an exceptionally good proportion of the front length to sleeve length to body ratio.
2) short, shortness together with wider body & shoulder also creates the boxy look
3) 4 buttons, donut buttons, correct spacing of buttons, pocket, upper front & upper back panels. All proportions had been carefully reproduced with precision - If U look at the last photo, we are talking about 0.5-3cm difference in each of these proportions , that is what I meant by precision.
4) wider sleeves
This garment is created with heart as with some other Bronson's items.
I originally want to make 1 for myself. When I compare the likely costs and the final product, I guess it would Not be much better than this one, so I just buy 1.
Note to the maker if he shall read this: Well-done. If U can make, I can see (appreciate the details) it.
A comparison of a mint original from Marvin.JP is attached.


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Looks good
If you do very little research just about everyone is doing a WW2 variant of the 506xx...and sadly most are better than LVC
I am going to look at Bronson tonight for some jeans for kicking about in doing chores, denim that won’t break the bank


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Hi Thomas
Spending time to other hobbies like overhauling old watches, upgrading all my bowl & plates to better hand made pottery, Hi-Fi, etc.
But I had to to say Clothing is my lifetime interest, since 14 I think, will never die out.
As a side talk, responding to your another thread, I think we alike people, hoarder? not exactly.... do share similar interests & even personalities to some extend. I do have some cheap knives, since not very good ones, I have not shown out. :<
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