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Bronson D-1


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I just noticed on Bronson's Weibo page that they seem to have landed an agent/seller in the UK: The Archives, apparently a shop at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. (https://www.weibo.com/xzbronson) Should solve potential fit and returning issues, at least for those in the UK.
Exciting news if true! I can't see anything on the link you provided...also no trace of a shop called The Archives based in Leeds?


I've been in touch with the proprietor of the Leeds outlet, and he's due to come back to me with some idea of availability and price.

Having given it some further thought, I don't think the all-up UK price will be too far off the Chinese, plus UK imposts, and the UK seller will want to make of bob or two. As others have said, and assuming it's as decent a D-1 as it looks, the big plus is the (possible) removal of delays and hassle, but I expect that to come at a cost.


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I don’t think anyone has purchased one of these yet, but if someone does how about posting a review of it....thanks


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That’s great!
Hope it works out for you and these turn out to be fantastic jackets!
Yes, a few months to go until my next trip to the Far East. I am going to collect another jacket as well, it's the Diamond NASA jacket. My old man had tried it on for me and it looks. If the Bronson D-1 is decent, that would fulfil my wish of owning (at least :p) a sheepskin jacket.

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