Broken snap (on day 3) — is this normal?


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David as Eastman was very cool about it - he is sending a courier service to fetch the jacket at my house in Berlin tomorrow. It’ll be 30 degrees in berlin this weekend, so I won’t be able to wear it anyway. Hope to have it back by next week.

Now if Bill Kelso and Aero would start to sew my orders, I wouldn’t have to worry about only having one A-2!


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Well..... now that you have some free time on your hands ..... maybe it’s time to start looking around for your next A2 purchase . I think a Weber is in order... how about you??;):D
See, my thinking would be that, with three A-2s on order, now would be a great time to put in an order for a shearling jacket for winter. But Werber is a solid choice. ;)