British P37 Webbing Pack/Haversack


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Just wonder if anyone knows a relatively cheap source for a replica of the P37 pack (large size)?


been looking for one to convert to what was used in The Mandalorian, don't really want to ruin an original so a replica is fine:


found various places that sells them, but either the shipping is excessive (like the link listed above), or in the case of SOF UK, the replica cost almost as much as an original.

Also been chatting to an ebay seller in India which sells the smaller version of this pack, but they reckon they could make a larger version for me.

Anyway, I don't think these things are particularly rare, so if worst comes to worst, I will just buy an original...........

Any suggestions are welcome :)


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yeah definitely looking for the large version.

not too familiar with these things, so is the small version called "webbing pack" while the bigger one is called "large pack"?