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BR Rough Wear Art - Ties...


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Have been contemplating the options for some jacket art, now that I know Ties is GTG for jackets...

Tied to the recent Mareeba Military Muster and the local themed stuff I stumbled on to one of the aircraft from the 321st Bomb Squadron, 90th Bomb Group. "The Eager Beaver"...



The 321st Squadron patch, and the Jollly Roger are options for the front left of the jacket.

320th Bomb.jpg


The colour of the Jolly Roger would be red for the 321st. This is for the 400th Bomb Squadron.

Or just a large 'Skull and Bombs' on the left chest with Jolly Roger underneath.


COL Rogers is sporting a cracker of a moustache too, which has instantly endeared his achievements even further....

Any input from my learned peers greatly appreciated!




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are you thinking about the name on the back and that's it or is the plane itself an option, too?

Regarding the group / squadron patches: I am pretty sure that I have seen a jacket with both patches combined, but for me that is always quite overloaded. If it was my jacket, I would opt for the 320th patch on the front and put the 90th design as a stabilizer on the back, together with the name...



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For the back purely the name of the aircraft in a similar font/style. Some of the bombs and ships?
Very keen on hearing your opinion.

Yellow/Gold text with red/black highlight or shadow? Thinking just the Jolly Roger style patch on the front left chest? That's my thinking at this point.

Thanks for the input.



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I would go for the exact font, maybe with slight modifications of the angles of the three words towards each other. Make it yellow and red...

...add a full row of bombs and stars in the lower third of the back panel of the jacket, start a new row above with just 2 or 3 bombs...

...three Zeros and the 3 ships below and you are good to go!



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Could not attach pics on the PM message. This style of Skull/Bombs as the front art? No border, circle and just the white/off white Skull/Bombs?

Will post the jacket pics now..