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Well in my local vintage shop today I came across these boys-L.L. Bean Katahdins. I was knocked out by the build quality, and I hummed and hah-ed for a while before deciding I had to have them, Xmas on the way or no. I believe they’re actually made by Chippewa (they have Chippewa soles and insoles). Hardly any wear, in fact they could probably use some more breaking in. I’ve been eyeing up a pair of Iron Rangers for a while, perhaps these may cure me of that!


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I finally got around to giving my "rough outs " (?) A coat of dubbin on Friday .
I was very apprehensive at first but i read the article posted on here earlier and gave it a go ! .

That is one coat , Should i give them another coat of dubbin ??
What im also worried about is , what colour polish do i use ??
I have 2 colours here mid tan or dark tan??

Any thoughts ?
Many thanks


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Now , where to find some period correct laces ?? anyone point me in the right direction ???


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Your shoes looks darker and better now ;).

I don't know if they polished these boots during the war but the rough outs were combat boots...

For laces you could try Ebay:
Are these the correct tyoe for the boots i have ? i noticed it says "service shoes " on the packaging shown in that ebay listing . :)
Many thanks for helping out


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According to the Quartermaster Supply Catalog 1943 the boots are described as: SHOE, SERVICE, REVERSE UPPER, COMPOSITION SOLE. Rough Outs is probably not an official term.
Same catolog mention the lenght of the laces for service shoes: 40 inch.


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These 1940s low quarter shoes were definitely made for dancing! I have just about slipped and fallen on my ass twice today! :p
Stick to hard wood floors boys because carpet is an issue! LOL!


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check out thursday boot co. captain boots. straight forward, very well made, real good traction,, comfy outta the box, and at $200, a good deal....and they make them in human foot widths, as well as wide, for guys like me. i picked up a pair and could not be happier.