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BOB DONG B10 "Upgrade"

Thomas Koehle

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I was searching for an "upgrade" of my BOB DONG B10 and found a nice patch of the 535th Bomb Sqn. in chenille/felt from "JOSH" - a guy who is personalising customer jackets either leather or cloth

this time I wanted the sewing to look more professional than my handstitching and took the stuff to a tailor who did a great job ...

came out pretty nice imho ...

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How much for him to make this patch ?
Is it a chenille background ? Does he make chain stitches patch ?
any website/email/facebook link ?


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google Josh's flight jackets

and his facebook page will be listed - he does a lot of jacket art. He may not have made the chenille patch though, may have acquired it from another source like Eastman or Flight Suits

Thomas Koehle

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background is - like I have written - chenille ... - I do not know what "chain stitched patches" are so no idea

on his FB page he claims he somehow made the patches respectively placed an order at someone who produces them

has also the "Burma Banshees" spade with skull and flash for sale on chenille background