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Hi guys,
I'm looking at some good repro for a standard bloodshit (1st or 2nd type) coton more than leather, if you have some good advice !
Good we !


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Try Aero Leather, I believe they have a big selection of chits and patches but don't really advertise them. An email to the general account is probably best.


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Whomever you buy from just make sure to check the writing against photos of the real thing. Sometimes with the AVG ones the repros are in the recent revised, simplified Chinese script and not the period correct text.


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I can read Mandarin ( sure several members from Hong-Kong/ Singapore/ China, can even better than me) , ( we) can immediatly id./ decipher whether proper caracters or just an add for “a ceiling fan or refrigerator ”. (dont happens..)
please feel free to send pics of what you have in mind.
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A2jacketpatches can be found on, he does amazing stuf with that kind of thing, though leather mostly I believe. He won't be putting a grocery's list in Chinese on it ;).


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Of all the repro blood chits I've seen, although the characters are all correctly written, the penmanship itself is usually a bit on the ugly side (compared to WW2 real deals). If you are a perfectionist, I would ask the patch maker to leave the Chinese characters out and ask a proper Chinese (preferably from Taiwan/Hong Kong) to finish the writings with a brush pen.


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Not so nice...its on a kind of hering bone cotton fabric.
Caracters are quite crude even unreadable... IMHO....but cheap.
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:D Actually Sean Collin's wife is Chinese and she wrote the characters based on original chits. He was saying how 'incorrect' many of the repro chits actually are.
Obviously I can't read or write any Chinese dialect, so, go figure...

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