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BK proudly presents "The Aeronaut"



Yeah I hope you will soon.

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Some guy told me that I was telling bullshit that "aeronaut" is a Greek word, so please see the below from

aero- Look up aero- at Dictionary.comword-forming element meaning "air, atmosphere; aircraft; gasses," from Greek aero-, comb. form of aer (genitive aeros) "air, lower atmosphere" (see air (n.1)).
aeronautics (n.) Look up aeronautics at Dictionary.com1824, from aeronautic (1784), from French aéronautique, from aéro- (see aero-) + nautique "of ships," from Latin nauticus, from Greek nautikos (see nautical).
actually "naut" comes from the Greek "ΝΑΥΤΗΣ" which is the word for sailor/seaman. In Greek also "ΝΑΥΣ" is the ship.

He also said that it was bullshit that we were inspired from Aeronautica Militare. Well, here are the photos from the airport in Rome back in June 2012 long before anyone else released a similar jacket (except Himel of course).

here's the shop inside the airport

This was a small size jacket, probably 34 and the price tag was something like eur 825-875

waiting for the Alitalia connection flight

Also he complained that we shouldn't separate the word in 2 in our tag and because we don't want to leave anyone unsatisfied, re-united the words and redesigned the tag to look like this:

Hope all questions answered and everybody's happy now.


that should be the "ottoman"
but it's many times mistakenly referred to as Greek


Platon, if you go on youtube,a movie called Looking for trouble 1934 Spencer Tracy wears a version of that jacket.I cant tell if it s suede or cloth,check it out.It has a bi-swing that runs from the armpit to shoulder.