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Silver Surfer

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hahaha, yeah, collar turned up. its how i always wear my jacs. kinda started with original a-2s. i didnt and dont want to put more folding on the collars of originals as the collars are often vulnerable to fatigue due to years of being folded over. reckon its just the way i wear em all now. also, it was in the high 30s-low 40s and the winds were appx 30mph when we went out to shoot. thus the reason for the jacs zipped , and cinched up. the westfall will need a seasons wear to fully break in as it is made of a mid-heavy weight cow hide,,,buts it is already taking form. the aeronaut is real comfy out of the box, as it is made of an amazing cape skin. in fact, i drove some 100+ miles later that day, and was impressed that the jac did not crimp under the arms, and the sleeves did not ride up to my fore arms. the true color of the aeronaut is a caramel russet, and the true color of the westfall is a seal with reddish undertones. those familiar with 1940s-50s seal halfbelts will know what this color looks like in the flesh,,,so to speak. all in all, i couldnt be happier with these jacs. bk nailed it.


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I think they look great Silver Surfer and BK really has gotten the fit perfect for you.

They'll look spectacular once they get some patina going.


BK says to trust the tailor doll on BK's website (360 deg. view). What you see there is what you will get.



Two very very nice jackets. Been waiting to see both of these. Gotta say there's a touch of the John Hurt about you in some of the photos, especially his role recently as Dr. Who. but younger looking...

http://i0.wp.com/filmreviewonline.com/w ... th-003.jpg

The fits great on both. I've essentially got being made your two jackets combined. The Aeronaut in the Badalassi, same heavy cotton lining. Saw your West Fall and thought, yep, that's it.

Very nice, gotta be happy. That Badalassi looks phenomenal and the variation in colour is great. The cape skin does look instantly comfortable, from the sample I got it was so tactile when I first received them I used to sit rubbing in in between my fingers like some sort of macabre comfort blanket, (now that calls for 'meds') so an entire jacket must be a delight.

P.s what's the boots you're wearing with the west fall?

WWII Impression boondockers?
Wait...that fella' dressed up like Indy....um....that's just embarrasing. He should save that act for his parent's basement.


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Holy crap! Just realised I have not put my 82nd gear on for a pic? Will head home early tomorrow night....

The Beast!!



it's me in the ruins wearing Star Sportswear A-2 size 40R (jacket shoulders: 17.5 in, my shoulders: no idea)
and the guy with the iphone is a customer

I convinced Andy to take some photos and will post them soon