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BK Dubow 27798 pics


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As promised, here are some better pics of Bill Kelso's Dubow 27798.
Seal Liberty, olive drab thread, new 100% wool brown knit (this is slightly darker than the medium brown, and matches the seal liberty beautifully)...
This is a 42 long (approx an inch added to sleeves and body)
I'm 5'11 72kgs athletic
Measures approx...
Shoulders - 17.75"
Back length - 25.5"
Sleeves - 26” plus
Pit to pit F - 22”
Pit to pit B - 22”
Zipper - 23”
Seal Liberty is a gorgeous chocolatey mid brown, lots of grain and character - I absolutely love it.
The new mid brown knits match the hide perfectly.
What more can be said… Can’t fault it at all. Very well made, top quality original-maker repro. Top-tier for sure!
BKDubow2779842 1.JPG

BKDubow2779842 2.jpg




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Sweet Looking Dubow!
Tough to justify purchasing a more expensive makers A2 jacket when the differences between the two are so minimal. The cost difference doesn’t justify it.
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How’s that for a IMHO! ......:DLOL!!
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Man!! I want to see that jacket after a couple of years of hard wear!!
I know it’s easy to say when it’s not my jacket but don’t baby it and wear the piss out of that one and it will be stunning in a few years .

Greg Gale

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Oh man, I don't envy you: having to decide between this one and Platon's :D

Then again, I prefer the shorter lenths of this one, but that's just my 2 cents.

Wear the @@@ out of both, and let's see them in 6 months!

PS: It would be my size exactly, if I hadn't just ordered a Dubow...

Officer Dibley

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I’m confused. Are you buying more jackets when you need space ? :cool:

Be interesting to see the hide after some hard use. To my inexperienced eye it has the look of an 80’s G-1, the steer one that has grain pressed into it . Far too consistent for my personal taste. Makes me wonder if every jacket will look the same. ...

Sorry to be the one not gushing but I think you already have better jackets in your wardrobe Brett.

I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong if you keep the jacket and give it some wear. But you have so many jackets i can’t see that happening.

To be honest though, every jacket you have fits you spot on and i feel sorry you have struggled to find one you are happy with. We have all liked all your previous purchases.



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haha Where BK's Dubow wins over Platon's is that you can add some length if need be...
Gorgeous Jacket, Brett! You are in a tough spot now having to decide between the two!
Now that you own both BK and Platon Dubows, other than the fact that you customize the former, what are the main differences concerning materials, craftsmanship, fit etc between the two? Given how good Platon's Dubow looks, is the BK offering worth the extra dough? Thanks!
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Yeah, they are both great jackets. But its simple, the BK is new and worth more, whereas the Platon, I've worn for a few months now, plus there's that russet on the way (all my other A-2s are worn in and are not really worth selling)...
The fit is about the same, clearly same pattern, same quality.
What sets the BK apart, besides the Liberty hide... is that you can have a bit of length added etc... Is it worth the extra few hundred £ to do that. IMO... Absolutely! If the std size fits and works for you, winner... But, if like me, God gave you long arms and/ or a trim Fram, and you need/ prefer slightly longer bits, then it definitely makes sense to pay a bit more and get something that fits you well.
Pointless paying less and then the fit os off. You will only sell it again.
Also, with BK, you get to choose knit, thread and lining options, which for me is worth the little extra. Platon's jackets come standard. No options, no tweaking pattern, no modifications, nothing. If the stock jacket fits - Bonus for you.
I found my Platon Dubow's waist knit also a touch looser than any other A-2s I've owned. Its not super loose, but it does allow the jacket to hang a bit more than usual. Bill's Dubow is like all the other top-tier jackets, with a tighter waist knit, so it sits correctly.
The other thing is the leather. Platon's seal is gorgeous, I love it and it is breaking in superbly.
The BK's Liberty is a touch lighter in colour, its a classic WW2 chocolatey mid brown... has a touch more grain and also has a wee bit more of a matt finish. I honestly recon this Liberty his going to look incredible once it wears in and the high points rub off... Developing patina.
Either jackets are wins


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Now that's the best advice today! In fact, I did already... I recently bought a new wardrobe, wide enough for flight jackets hahaha... The missus was not very happy, but the compromise was that she gets to use half of it.
S0... that leaves me still out of space! Anyway, lets see. No rush to sell a perfect jacket. I still have an ELC box and may place it in there for safe keeping, till I decide to keep or some lucky guy takes it!


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Very tempting - I hope it finds a good home. I’d be seriously considering taking it off your hands if not for the fact that I too have a russet A-2 on the way, and my wife might murder me if I bought two BK jackets in such a short time frame. ;)