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ikarashi shin-ichi

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That's a fine looking A-1 there Ikarashi Shin-ichi. I've no experience with A-1 and would be interested how it fits compared with your A-2?

By the way, that's an interesting background, where is that?
こんにちは!Lord Flashheart!私のA2はあなたのものと同じBK Liberty Horsehide Russetです。柔らかく体にフィットして着心地がいいですよね!? "Aeronaut A-1 --Cowhide Badalassi Russet (billkelsomfg!)"は重さが1.9㎏と結構重いです。とでも素晴らしい革です。とても素晴らしすぎてA2と比較すると気軽に羽織るという感じではないかもしれません。私の後ろの教会やそのほかの写真はすべて、わたしの住む町「鶴岡」にあります(海までは車で20分くらいです)。 五十嵐 新一                                                  Hello! Lord Flashheart!
My A2 is the same BK Liberty Horsehide Russet as yours.   It's soft and fits your body, so it's comfortable to wear! ?     "Aeronaut A-1 --Cowhide Badalassi Russet (billkelsomfg!)" Weighs 1.9kg, which is quite heavy.     It's so wonderful that it may not feel like wearing it casually compared to A2.        The church behind me and all the other pictures are in my town, Tsuruoka (a 20 minute drive to the sea). .Ikarashi Shin-ichi

ikarashi shin-ichi

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All good after the earthquake?
こんにちは ausreenactor! 地震ですが、結構揺れました.。でも、
RW23380_LINING - コピー②.jpg
わたしのまちに被害はありませんでした。お気遣い感謝します。ありがとう。私のA2(BK Liberty Horsehide Russet)は柔らかく体にフィットして着心地がいいです!五十嵐 新一                                                 

Hello ausreenactor! It was an earthquake, but it shook quite a bit, but there was no damage to my town. Thank you for your concern. thank you. My A2 (BK Liberty Horsehide Russet) is soft and fits my body and is comfortable to wear!.Ikarashi Shin-ichi
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Mr. Mike

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My BK just arrived and I'm very pleased! I will take/post some photos/details in the not-to-distant future, but thought I'd let interested parties know that it was about an 8 month wait for my jacket. Well worth it!
Maybe missed a thread but did you already share some fit-pics? Thanks! (sorry - just realizing this through Greg's latest comment)