Bill Kelso. Whats happening?

From yesterday,... when I click on one of the products in "All Products" on BK's website (home page), the "Related products" screen is displayed instead of showing the individual details.   This gives the impression that BK does not want to explain its products (rejects orders).  No matter how great the product, I'm skeptical about this BK business stance.What makes BK do that? I would like you to honestly show the facts of the current situation of responding to orders in the Corona disaster.I want to say that is the right way to go.…I ordered Rough Wear 23380 Horsehide Liberty Russet on July 31st (UK) (⇔ August 1st in Japan).  Ikarashi Shin-ichi(五十嵐 新一 )  2021/1/17 0:45AM(JP)  


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Maybe I do not understand what the problem is but on BKs website it shows me everything I would like to see - including pictures from various angles and details of their products.
Earloffunk and everyone!  I try it now, I can see it again !!.  Did my PC operate badly?  The arrival of the RW23380 I ordered was so late that I became "skeptical" about this. so BK should be doing so hard ... I'm sorry BK.      Ikarashi Shin-ichi(五十嵐 新一 )   2021/1/17 5:34AM(JP) 


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This is normal with BK and some other makers. Delays.... Its not great, nor ideal... but the jackets are great... it is what it is.
Do not worry, Im sure once you receive your jacket, the time you waited will be forgotten.
I have a RW23380 and its a firm favourite.


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A rather naughty ‘pop-up’ FB company is selling BK products (or should I say displaying photographs of BK products) at pocket money prices.
One buyer claimed they didn’t get the jacket shown for their $50 but a rather thin tea towel from China instead.