Bill Kelso. Whats happening?


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Yeah, the Platon one is Vincenza, isn't it?
Im not sure. I have samples of both Platon's and Aeros Vicenza (ok well over a year old, Aero a bit older, and they are not quite the same). This may be due to different batches, possible same tannery, hard to tell for sure.


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ELC still has a lot of stock in regular sizes. If you wanted a long you'd bet you'd be waiting...
Not the case. i ordered a regular 46 for size and then sent it back for an Extra Long -- had it in about one week. They reply to emails within 24 hours and answer the phone during business hours, and they provide quick and helpful service!

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Further to what Jan says...

Both my BK Dubows (and Platon's ;) )and RW23380 are 42 longs.
Generally they all fit me 100%, wouldn't change a thing - thats why these are sure keepers.
I absolutely love my RW23380, this RW is the best RW repro I have ever owned... for me personally, hands down.
I do find it slightly trimmer in the body and torso, slightly... The shoulders are a touch wider and the armholes a touch smaller.
These differences are not by much mind you, and only because of being able to try them on, and compare.

I love the RWs collar, it has such a classic profile, and for standing up in the wind, its so comfy ... But I also love the Dubow's iconic, simple and stylish collar.
These jackets are all winners, and just highlight how two different contacts can be similar and yet still, different.

Platon's Dubow left, BK Dubow centre and BK RW23380 right.
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Heres another quick comp of my BKs, all 42L:
BK RW23380, Dubow V1 (when I almost sold it. Insane), Dubow V2 (slightly longer sleeves 1.5")
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Just a quick one. Do you fold your collar right down, because I don’t fold my collars and they look a lot thinner. I like the look of yours better....


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Agreed - the collar will develop much more character unsnapped.

Also, I don't want to say that originals were never worn snapped, but most of the vintage photos I've seen have the collar unsnapped.


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Hi ye, sorry, not checked in for a few days.

Yes, I always wear my collars unsnapped and open. You can 'train' them over time, and work them, so the leather loosens up a bit and the collars flatten out a touch. Much more comfy and wearable imo.
Also allows you to lift the back up in the wind or when its chilly.
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