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Bill Kelso International Shipping Vendor to the U.S.?


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I received tracking information from Bill Kelso, but I was not told what shipping company they use for deliveries to the United States.

Anyone know?



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I have emailed a couple of times. They get extremely overwhelmed with emails and may not reply for up to a week or two. I figured it would be more efficient to ask the forum.

I tried fedex and ups to no avail. I completely forgot about DHL.

No joy with DHL.

Perhaps he mistyped the traking number.

Thank you
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Same - I only found out about them because the same thing happened to me the first time I bought from them, but Andy was a little less busy then and sent me a full url for the tracking.
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HeliPilot...I'm 14 weeks into my jacket wait time... does he contact you to confirm measurements before production? I've never ordered a Kelso before... just curious.


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Don’t ever be afraid to pester (within reason) a vendor. They took YOUR money. Remember without YOUR patronage they need to find that one more customer. You have every right to ask questions. If no answer then keep sending emails till you hear.

That said, I once commissioned joe strain for a whip. He no longer makes them readily. He contacted me once he was ready to make it. To verify what I wanted. He didn’t take my money though till he was ready. Some vendors take all the money up front but on the other hand I don’t get why that is always a make or break for some. I find it’s a dangerous path should things go belly up for them.

I rarely will accept money for a belt I am making before I start on it.