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Bill Kelso 15% off for 4th July... How did we miss it?


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25% or more sounds more like a sale. Every time I see a sale with 10-15%, I laugh. That's an insult to intelligence. That kind of markdown is used to generate interest only. To get you to view their catalog. Not for meaningful savings.


Officer Dibley

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I suppose it depends on your profit margin. Unless you have a lot of stock, selling at a loss is suicide.
I imagine that ELC’s profit margin is the biggest yet they never have sales. You don’t need to if your product is in demand....


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But there was a time when ELC had some great sales . I remember buying a goatskin Cable from them about 10 years ago when they were clearing them out. Paid about 475.00 for a jacket normally priced at 900.00. Obviously those days are over because ELC doesn’t need to cater to anyone these days.


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Whoops...saw this sale when it was announced and forgot to post about it here...

As for the amount, actually I'd say it's pretty good! A liberty horsehide A-2 at $150 off (15% of £770 = £115.5 = $150.15 at today's exchange rate)? That's nothing to sneeze at. And I'll echo Dibley's point that, since they don't have inventory, they really can't afford to sell things at much more of a discount than that. Otherwise they're working for free, possibly losing money on the deal.
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