Best photos of famous people wearing true vintage leather jackets (military, but not only)


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I've often wondered about this shot, as the helmet is some kind of civilian pre-war one without radio receivers. This movie used A-11 helmets and US goggles, nothing like this is to be seen anywhere in the movie.
So, where'd it come from? I'd bet that when they were taking this shot, they wanted someone on his head but couldn't find what they needed right away, so someone had this sitting around?
Same for the RAF life vest…
The uniform jacket and pants and boots look Luftwaffe WWII… the rest… movie… but a very well made and historically correct movie…unlike the „Bollywood „ crap festival shown recently.


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Rest In Peace Mr Kruger.

If memory serves me correctly was he not assigned to a Waffen SS Division late in the war and subsequently refused to execute a group of PoW's?
He was already a movie star in WWII Germany… in 1944/45
Wonder how he could have been what the newsies now all sell.
Its all well known that 17 y.o. movie actors refuse to shoot POW‘s..
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Hope this isn’t a repeat but the coolest guy ever - and i mean ever - to wear a jacket and be famous and be a hero is this guy. And by all accounts to the core

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...what i did not know is that he stayed in the reserve and flew last missions on B-52 over North-Vietnam

or this:

and what is this B-10/B-15?



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maybe known to you folks, but Clark Gable actually flew combat missions over Germany in WW2

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Aye, and I got to meet and know guys who flew with him. He had an interesting personal life, the tragic death of his third wife Carol Lombard prior to joining up and serving abroad apparently, and understandably, had a major impact on him.