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best a2 Collar


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PLATON said:
That's all nice guys, but for us poor who don't have originals and can't afford but one repro, would you please post some photos of unfolded collars (from the back) so that we see the whole shape of the collar? And maybe even try to compare?

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This is a McCoys Dubow laid flat. I think it clearly shows the line of the collar and although i've not had an original to compare it with (laid flat) I reckon this shape is incorrect and the curve is too pronounced. the real one appears to be more of a straight line. Shame cos it's such a nice jacket. Folded down the overly pointed ends tend to curl outwards and you look like Count Drac with the collar tipped up.



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Andrew yes RM is over exaggerated.

Heres a shot of Pauls GW goat Dubow collar and its a clone of his original.


Tim P

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I think that the Dubow collar when folded, for most of is circumference the collar edge only touches the collar seam rather than extending beyond it. I am willing to bet that if you got 20 original Dubows together :) you would find examples reminiscent of both the GW and RM remakes.

I wonder if it can be said that the collar and shoulders of an A2 are the most important features, a scallop on a pocket flap for instance is not going to affect the comfort of the wearer and so can be consigned to pure aesthetics. The collar however has a foot in the camps of both aesthetics and comfort, and where the shoulders sit is similarly important in both areas.
Shall we make this thread a poll?


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Yes Tim you are correct. I was showing a direct clone of Pauls original 27798 Dubow but I remember seeing one Dubow with a very pointy collar on one side and rounded on the other. Color was another thing that varied slightly, zippers and pocket flap scallops, grain, weight, type of tanning were others. I was talking with John Chapman and he made a good point that during the 30s and 40s Chicago had dozens of tanneries and I'm sure that Dubow sourced hides from several different tanneries.