Bargain jacket at Kohls


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For anyone here in the US, Kohls department stores is having a clearance sale on Excelled A-2 jackets:

I realize these are not serious reproduction jackets, but this appears to be a decent representation of the current modern A-2. I know from my research Excelled at one time had a contract to produce jackets for the USAF I believe, but I'm pretty sure these are just civilian versions of those jackets. I also realize that Excelled does not seem to have a glowing reputation on the forum from what I kind find ( but hey, I'm new here), still I think this is a good bargain if you can find them. They're out of stock on the website but I saw a couple on the rack in my local store for $85. As I had just done an Amazon return there and had a 25% off coupon, plus $10 available in Kolhs credits, I picked one up, brand new, for a grand total of $53.75. It's a nice knock around jacket and for $50, I couldn't pass it up!

And yes, I do also have a 5* on order too..... :)