B15a Contracts

Discussion in 'Cloth' started by Carl, May 15, 2018.

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    While trying to collate the contract numbers against order numbers for the B15a i have come across a small anomally with the information given in in the data sheet from the book "FULL GEAR" ( i managed to get a scan from someone , but still need the B6 B9 B11 jacket data sheets !! help!!!! please ???)

    The sheet shows only one contract given to BOBRICH MANUFACTURING, for B15a/ A11a i have probable evidence that there maybe 2 more contracts for JACKETS/TROUSERS and TROUSERS ONLY awarded to that company.
    Until i can cross reference the contracts numbers against what items BOBRICH were awarded contracts for im stuck to compile the list for the B15a .

    So please could anyone help in my quest ??



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