Clark J

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I was watching a Smithsonian WW2 show and it had color footage of the river Elbe ceremony and there was an American wearing a helmet with issued aviator sunglasses and I swear he had on a B-15 ,,,, slash pockets with buttons and a sheepskin collar . Just a quick shot but has anyone else seen it ?

Tom Bowers

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Probably the AAF Air liaison officer.

One of the innovations put in place by the 9th AF was to put qualified pilots with forward units on a rotation basis

This allowed an experienced pilot to be able to talk to the AF pilots from the ground and call targets and control their attacks

today the AF combat controllers perform the same type of role

Good spot I love his pilots wings worn on the B-15 as if to say "I'm not just a ground pounder"

Sunglasses are more common than most people realize in original photos