B-10 -- which exterior fabric?


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I've seen B-10 jackets with various exterior fabrics, including cotton sateen, jungle cloth, and stiff chino drill.

What are the pros and cons of each and which do you prefer?

Also, what was the exterior fabric on original B-10 jackets?


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According to Eastman, who has theirs specially-made, the original shell (at least on original Roughwear B-10s upon which theirs is based) is a three-ply, combed-cotton twill, with a fine weave.
Its not generally available today, so I guess every maker has to find or make their own. So you will find varying representations of it.

If you want 'authentic', look at Eastman, Real McCoys and possibly Buzz Rickson (John Chapman made a B-10 a while back, but not sure if this was a once off, custom or what).
ELC have really gone to town on the details of their jacket.
If you want a decent B-10 repro, without the hefty price tag, look no further than Bronson (or Bob Dong). Bronson makes an excellent B-10 for the money. Many on here have one.
ATF also make a B-10, or are making a new batch. These are great daily wearers from what I gather, but not super accurate or as authentic as an ELC. (I love my ATF fleece-lined Tanker)
Aero also make a B-10.

I owned a RM Stagg B-10 repro, it was nice, quite hefty, very warm, quite comfy when layered, found the lining a bit scratchy, was not a big fan of the collar or the darker olive knits.
Sold this to buy my Eastman B-10, which I love and have held onto for 15 years. Its so warm and comfortable, not scratchy and the jacket has stood the test of time.
If I recall, it felt a bit lighter and softer than the RM... This is such as easy to wear jacket.

I have also owned a Bronson and a Bob Dong B-10. Loved the BD's soft golden brown mouton collar, but the size was a bit off for me. Also not a big fan of the darker knit colour (personal preference).
Really liked the Bronson, great jacket for the money... the waistband on mine felt a little loose, almost like they had copied an older jacket really closely, too closely.
(I think Bronson's B-10 is copied off a Buzz Rickson, and BD's is copied off a RM B-10. Stand to be corrected).

Im not sure what these makers use exactly, but the shells definitely a different thing from what ELC use. Its of good quality and is robust, a little beefier perhaps, slightly heavier... The olive green is a touch darker... Im sure these will wear well.

All depends what you are after and how much you are prepared to spend.
For the money, you cant go wrong with a Bronson. For accuracy, authentic detailing and high end materials, I'd buy another Eastman in a heartbeat.

ELC's Roughwear B-10 compared to their original
Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 20.33.24.png


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I remember a while back, ELC did a limited edition B-10 in ‘Endzone twill’ after getting hold of some NOS WWII fabric. I also remember, a very long time ago, Aero saying they’d found an original B-10 in cotton poplin (I think-it was a very long time ago when they first started doing B-10’s) They made some in it-I bought a poplin prototype off the sale page.


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Oops ....... you are totally correct it is a B-15a . My stupidity :rolleyes: I’ll remove my post .
Thanks Lorenzol


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Brett has pretty much covered all the bases there. Originals were a cotton twill.

I have two ATF B-10s (a medium and a large) which I absolutely love. Like all the ATF stuff I've had they're made like a brick shithouse - the large which is a smidge big for me I use for physical work and I have used it to build a verandah, restore a boat, pull up a concrete floor and knock down a cottage, and it has done all that without losing a stitch. The lining is synthetic so not alpaca but they're seriously awesome IMO.

My two are from the very last run which I think might have had the pattern tweaked slightly as I've heard in the past some say they were puffy but my ones certainly aren't, in fact my medium one fits me pretty much exactly like the one JC made and that he's wearing in the link Brett gave above.

They're not available at the moment but Rolin at ATF has said that a new run is planned. These are very much in the "spirit" of ATF's fleece lined tanker so if you like those you'll love their B-10 too.


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Ha! You read my mind Tim. I enquired about a week or so ago and received this reply...

Yes we do they should be finished late spring. And we should receive them at some point in the summer I think.

I love my ATF Tanker and am very keen to see what they come up with regs a fleece-lined B-10.

Clark J

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If you want the best , Eastman. Had one but always was careful when wearing it , cloth jackets are obviously will not take the beating of a leather jacket . Sold it for that reason just scared I’d rip it or stain it . But was luckily enough to get one of the At The Fronts error B-10s years ago and tossed on a set of Mash Co knits and it’s perfect !! No real worries now !! Still don’t wear this one either .


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This is the thing, these ATF, Bronson, Bob Dong (and Fivestar?), might not be 100% authentic/ accurate per se, but at the price, who cares.
To land an ATF in the UK at circa $99 plus postage is around the same as a Bronson B-10 - sub £150 - amazing value!
I am interested to see what ATF come up with...

I've had my ELC B-10 for 15 years now, and have worn it almost every winter, its still in like-new condition, and I don't worry to much about it.
Although if you all recall, I did lose my marbles last year when I took it for dry cleaning and some idiot pinned a receipt right through the back.
I still have those two little holes, the weave is so fine.

Dany McDonald

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Hello John,

I prefer my repros to be recreations in details, and that's what motivates me in collecting and appreciating the jackets I buy. That being said, I do not own a lot of originals to compare with but I try my best to research and ask questions.

To add to your tread, I've compared two repros, Buzz Rough Wear AC-954 (Left) and The Few Paul Reed Company (Right) and two pair of originals A-9 trousers (Sovereign & Fitzwell). I prefer the Few cause its really, really close to the original sateen cotton right up to the high thread count. The Few B-10 cotton feels exactly like the A-9 in every way, silkier and shinier. Buzz is also close, a bit less soft and half the shine.

So for me it's sateen cotton like the originals.

Here's some images:





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I have yet to find a B-10 replica I am truly content with.

My first was a 1st batch At The Front. It was a large pillow that fit like a balloon, and was not flattering. It was also prone to get me damp when wearing it for more than about 20/30 minutes.

I sold that one to get my Eastman one. I still have it. The ELC one is very comfortable and very lightweight. In fact, I think it is too lightweight. It's almost as if they omitted an internal layer. The thin shell fabric is exquisite, but one can feel the back side of the snap to the internal pocket. I just know that is going to wear through in time. I don't know why they didn't get the stock number right for the size on the label on mine, since the collar labels have the size on the same label. The knits on my ELC seemed to attract moths more than any other flight jacket in my wardrobe (A2's, B-3, B-6, and this B-10). I like my ELC, I won't sell it, but I wouldn't buy another like it.

I've seen the Buzz Rickson's ones and I think those are nice. The only reason I do not have a BR is because the ELC one is slightly longer in length, which I need due to my height.


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Thanks for all the feedback. Clark J and Dany refer to two factors that motivated my initial question -- the beauty but vulnerability to staining and tearing of thinner fabrics like cotton sateen. Clark mentions that he had an Eastman that was nice but that he feared ripping or staining. Dany refers to cotton sateen, apparently common to original B-10 jackets.

While it's clear that a cotton jacket is never going to be as tough or wear/stain resistant as leather, I was curious to know if the beautiful, but relatively thin, cotton sateen fabric was common to the original B-10. It does have the benefits of light weight and comfort, but I wondered if thicker and more stain and tear resistant cotton fabrics (e.g,. drill) were also common or preferred by those here.


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I love my ATF Tanker and am very keen to see what they come up with regs a fleece-lined B-10.
If you love the fleece tanker Brett then I'm pretty certain you'll like their B-10 as well. It's a jacket that you can wear in the spirit of originals so using it hard without fretting or treating it like a closet queen. Like I said above, I have put one of mine through probably some of the toughest work and it's come through with flying colours.

When the knits cark it on mine I'll eventually do what Clark did and put some MASH ones on which will make it even better.

I'm actually going to make a 4th FG eagle patch on leather to put on my medium sized ATF B-10. Got the natural leather waiting already, just need to pull my finger out and get cracking ;-)


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Has anyone got any recommendations for a B10 that doesn't have the decal on the arm? Still after the alpaca lining and mouton collar, only one I can find is Aero but I've not read the best reviews on them, what do people think?


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You can try Fivestar. Not sure of the lining or the details....
None of the big name makers make them without.
Depending how the ATF turns out, that's another option, but will it have alpaca and the shoulder decal ? you'd have to ask them...
Depending where you live, you could try an Aero... see for yourself... can always return it, if its a regular size...


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Has anyone got any recommendations for a B10 that doesn't have the decal on the arm? Still after the alpaca lining and mouton collar, only one I can find is Aero but I've not read the best reviews on them, what do people think?
Most of the good repro B-10s have the USAAF Roundel on the left shoulder. One of the things that makes them good repros is that they try to be historically accurate in their replication of the WWII era B-10. As such they have the Roundel . As Brett mentioned ATFs earlier run of jackets did not, so you may want to wait a bit until the new batch of them is for sale . Other than that Aero remains one of the few without the “blue meatball “ ;)