Avirex A2 jacket.


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Hi, I am new in this forum and un this world of flight jackets. today I bought my first Avirex horsehide A2 jacket (photos attached).

Please, I need your opinion and some information about this jacket and the avirex A2 jackets in general.

if someone knows any information about of those patches i would appreciate it

Greetings from Mexico City, in this city have not much information on these issues. sorry for my little english


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Hi Hawk
Welcome to the forum .
Your Avirex A2 jacket is nice as it’s a Horsehide Avirex . As you learn more about these jackets you will be able to ascertain how your jacket fits in with jackets made by other manufacturers . The 8 patch represents the 8th Air Force or “The Mighty 8th “ that was stationed mostly in England during WWII and fought in Europe . I’m not familiar with the other patch.


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Avirex made a nice HH A-2. More of a generic version, pattern and detail-wise, but nice.

They had a patched up 487th Revival A-2 (loosely based on a Dubow) a few years back, that looked fantastic! I think this was only available in Japan.


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I have one of a similar vintage. This dates from their early days when they actually tried to make a decent repro of an A-2, before all the silly patches and linings. The leather on mine is incredible stuff.