Aviation Art - post your favourite pics


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Not sure if this finds interest, but Im a massive art nut also (various genres, but we'll keep this to aviation-related).
I don't currently own any aviation art, but I love the stuff. Find it inspiring. I do own a number of aviation art books...
Thought Id post some favourites here (and there are many) from time to time. Invite you all to do the same.


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Among the Columns of Thor by William Phillips
Among the Columns of Thor by William Phillips.jpg


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I've got a few, this is probably my favourite, Robert Taylor's painting of Nicholson winning his VC...


Got this 4th FG one also by Taylor which I'm fond of too...


Great artists mentioned in this thread. And amongst my favourite aviation artists are Wootton, Nicholas Trudgian, Michael Turner, Keith Woodcock and Jim Dietz.