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AVI LTHR BRONCO A-2 Jacket Review & Pics


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Yes, interesting indeed. I mean it doesn't look fantastic, not much like a real W&G M442... but or what he paid... Beat the 'ell out of it.


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Just wanted to post a couple of updated photos of my AVI Russett Bronco. If you remember, I wasn’t really happy with the orange tone of the Russett Goatskin AVI used in the production of their A2 Bronco. Thru a lengthy process and several applications of various leather products, I’ve been able to darken the hide to what I think is a pretty nice shade of Russett goatskin . I will assure all of you, this is the last time you will have to look at this jacket but thanks for looking!;)



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very, very well done, b-man. now, replace those shitty collar clasps barrels, and install a wwll talon puller, and my man, you will have your self one helova respectable bronco repro.....regardless of what some might opine.


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That looks really nice! Job well done. The hide oozes character.
I would email AVI and ask for the bits... For some reason the russet version was not as 'hardwared-up' as the seal version... Maybe they can send you the correct snaps and zipper etc.
Apparently future jackets will be made with a newly sourced veg-tanned goat, and the russet is apparently going to be a bit darker, matched exactly to their original Perry.


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Hello to everyone,

After a long selection of what will be my first A2 jacket (thanks to Brettafett for help with sizing), hours spent reading all the forums I found out there was AVI on sale going on on eBay. So I went for their old version of seal leather Bronco. I must say I was really happy with the purchase, which was almost half the price from the website. The only thing I didn't quite like was the color which to me appeared to be more chocolate brown (exactly as Brettafett wrote here) and under some light the jacket appears to have even purple shades. But I can live with that since I did like the rest a lot.

Now I own the jacket for more than three weeks and I try to wear it as much as possible. The knits seem to get worse pretty fast that's one thing I did not expect, but there's other thing I would like to discuss with you. Some weird scratches appeared on the jacket, even though the jacket was never missused, I was not rolling on rocks or anything like that. Just normal wear. My GF even thinks that it's not real leather, and I never thought the leather jacket is supposed to age like this? It seems a bit like a layer of color peels off. What do you think?


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I think it's probably just one of those top coats that is designed to wear quickly to develop patina. Some of BK's leathers do/have done this along with some other makers offerings. These fast wearing leathers have become a bit of a thing of late with guys wanting their jackets to look like a 75 year old original in double quick time. I had a look at my AVI and there's a few places where the top coat is wearing through or been nicked off in places where it's been rubbed against or scraped. There's others where it's burnishing down to lighter notes too. Don't worry about it, just wear the thing. The more you wear it and get consistent wear over the whole thing, the better it will look.