ATF B-10 Critiques and general B-10 Question

Discussion in 'Cloth' started by TroopCarrier, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. TroopCarrier

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    Hi all,

    I tried this on the repo page, but have no response.

    First can anyone tell me what the pocket lining material is, cotton twill, or ...?

    Second, what are the differences between the ATF B-10 and originals, besides pencil pocket, "alpaca," ...? I swapped out the collar for real mouton ("stolen" from a recycled women's 1970s overcoat).

    Thanks, Jeff
  2. B-Man2

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    I had an ATF B-10 that I passed on to another member. The differences I remember were that the sleeves were a little more blousy than an original B-10 and the linning was more of a fleece type of linning. That’s all I’ve got.
    Hope it helps.
  3. Smithy

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    I've got two ATF B-10s and love the things. The biggest differences are the lining, the knit cuffs (seamed) and Burt probably has a point with the sleeves although they're by no means crazy big. The mouton on one of the collars on mine is a bit ho-hum but on the other one it's absolutely superb which makes me think it was luck of the draw with them in terms of the collar you got.

    Great jackets though and bulletproof, I've done a lot of manual labour in them and they've stood up to all of it without any problems. It's a real shame that ATF stopped making them as although they're not 100% accurate they are bloody good jackets.
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  4. Bombing IP

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    I also have an ATF B10 got it in the sale .Very well made jacket and as Smithy said not accurate , they substituted the Alpaca lining for fleece . Was not crazy about it until I washed it and now its looks 100% better in fit and feel .Yes mine has a great collar I also lucked out ,not a jacket for cold weather with just a t shirt on . I give it 8 out of 10 .

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  5. dmar836

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    Kansas, USA
    As I just posted on your other thread:
    Should we assume you mean the inner pocket? I have two original B-10s and in the inner pocket one has white cotton twill and the other has a shiny dark green satin material. As far as the two patch pockets on the front, there is no lining there.
    I have never had a repro B-10 so can't comment on ATF.
    Hope this helps,
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  6. Technonut2112

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    West "By Gawd" Virginia, USA
    The ATF's 'fleece' is man-made acrylic, and the originals have natural alpaca-wool blend for the lining. The original's cotton shell is a fine, tight weave not seen in today's garments, and the knits are seamless 100% wool. I've never owned an original, or ATF, but I currently have an Eastman Rough Wear, Buzz Superior Togs, a Chinese 2018 Bronson, and another Buzz L.S.L. Garment Co. repro due to arrive tomorrow (I've recently been using Buyee for great deals out of Japan).. All B-10's. For a relatively inexpensive wearer, one simply cannot beat the Bronson IMO. VERY well-made jacket with the majority of it's lining genuine wool, and this year also brought seamless high wool-content knits to the game, as well as the repro Talon zip being installed with the puller on the correct side.

    EDIT: The Chinese Bob Dong B-10 is supposed to be nice as well, but I haven't owned one to comment.. It's lining has more wool content than the Bronson.
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