At the Front - US Officer Flannel shirt info


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I am looking at purchasing an item from the US retailer - At the Front

As it is, sadly a hefty postage, to ship to the UK ( almost doubling the price of the shirt ) it would be good to get some feedback prior to paying out.

I have never used them. Any feedback good or bad - especially from our US members ?

The item I would like to buy currently on their website is the -
US Officer Flannel Shirt

Has anyone purchased this shirt from the company - any feedback good or bad ?
I've never had any complaints with anything I've purchased from At the Front.

They do excellent quality items at affordable prices.

I have many of their items and they are noticeably better than things I've seen from "soldier of fortune" or Sturm

Tom Bowers


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I made two orders with ATF at the beginning of last year. Both transactions went without a hitch, they are a great company to deal with and both items were absolutely top notch quality-wise. But yes, the shipping is hefty indeed. Worth it though from my experience.


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Do it. Buy anything else you want now and spread the cost of the shipping across more items... Go lighter items like garrison caps and pouches...


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I've never had a bad experience ordering from ATF. The items are always high quality and as advertised. However, original wool shirts are much cheaper and widely available on US eBay (at least in my size). Worth looking into.


Thomas Koehle

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ATF is one of the few top notch sources for WW2 repop stuff

own hbts, cammies, paratrooper-uniform and whatever from them and never been dissapointed


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The only thing to take note of is the M-1937 shirt versus later War flannel uniform shirts. The buttons or button spacing is “normal” on the M-37. On the flannel shirts after the M-37, the button right below the collar button has been deleted. Therefore, in my opinion, the later shirts aren’t so practical for daily wear. In saying that, I’m not sure how accurate ATF’s flannel shirts are..:so, it may be a non-issue. You may also inquire with WWII Impressions. They made a terrific M-37 flannel shirt. They may still have one in your size. The other thing that’s nice about the M-37 shirt is that it’s a tapered cut, whereas the later flannels are noticeablely roomier through the torso. The other option is eBay. I think they were manufactured until late ‘41 or ‘42 and some have held up very well. They’re sized like a dress shirt. If you can find a great one in your size, get it and you won’t regret it.

- Ian