• Hey guys, I had to upgrade the VLJ software because the old one is being phased out. Please let me know of any issues in the SITE UPDATE THREAD. Thanks!



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Sorry if some are confused as to my posts on the B10 thread . i do apologise to those that are .
Have met some great people on here in the short time ive been active. And hope to remain in contact with those that i have.


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That sounds like you're signing off Carl which would be a real shame if you are. I have no idea what's going on or has gone on, but I'm sure it's not worth leaving. This being a discussion board, and by their internet nature there's ding-dongs and slagging off matches every other week. The problem with the "faceless" internet is you can't always read the true intent or nuance of what someone means when it's just type and smiley faces. Also with disagreements people tend to say things on the internet in the heat of the moment that they wouldn't necessarily say in person (probably due to getting a bop on the schnoz if they did).

Like I said I don't know what's gone on but I'm sure it'll all simmer down after a couple of days, and it might not be worth leaving over especially as you've got a lot of mates on here.

Ken at Aero Leather

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I've obviously missed something, I don't read all the threads but this place will be all the poorer without your research and contributions, if you do shift your expertise elsewhere, can I ask one favour, PM me a link to where you will be posting

If I'd had a thinner skin my arse would have been a blur on the horizon months ago :>)


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I am just impressed by you guys that have the time and energy to find this information in the archives. Keep up the good work.


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Thank you all for the supportive comments , very kind indeed and very humbling .
Yes im probably a bit OCD with my collecting .
Unfortunately my trust in some people has now been brought into question .


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dont get yer panties in a twist, carl. sometimes this place can be like standing on the wrong side of a fan during a shit storm. this too shall pass
Sorry , but im not into being blatanly plagiarized , boils my p**s. Im now wondering where else its being used under the pretences its their own research/work ??
But obviously there are those who deem nothing wrong in that .


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Yeah I totally missed it.
Me too.

The whole point of posting information on this site is to learn and help take it further. I may have found the A-2 spec, but I could never have located a Goldsmith by myself. The people on this site did that.

Thomas Koehle

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You have been contributing so much!

I did not get through all the last posts but would be pretty poor and a respected specialist poor here in the forum!

So pls carry on posting!