Apollo 11 Flite NASA jacket ... legit?


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Saw this :

Hi Brice,
It looks like the original to my unenlightened look.
It would be strange that someone would not try to make money on the 50th anniversary of the lunar mission.
Youth clothing stores around the world are now clogged with NASA's and Apollo-11's t-shirts, they are sold at airports, malls and everywere.
Why not try to make money on the jacket? Next cool aniversary not soon. The seller writes that she belonged to the test pilot, and the rest of the data on request. Why should he not write directly - who exactly did it belong to? I think this world of NASA's test pilots and astronauts is quite small and apparently this is the reason.

In my mind for the $7500, it would have to belong if not to Neil, then at least to Buzz for this price :)


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Nice and chilly...if compared to Seoul with a 109 pm 2.5 air pollution and approx 35 deg C high...
Enjoy the Dutch hospitality...very sweet...
Yes, I always like our flights to Amsterdam especially if it's not return flight for crew and we staying here until tomorrow, as I love this city. It's very quickly and convinuent get to the old center by train from Schiphol and take a walk there. Today weather is comfy and fresh now and there is no heat - I would not want get flight to Seoul today :)

Officer Dibley

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I think the seller is the one who buys many jackets with one ID and sells with another, whilst masquerading as an enthusiast & collector. They also seem to move around every time things catch up with them ....

Not illegal but certainly deception on some of the forums they hang out in.


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First item that the seller is attempting to sell is a $7500 jacket? Not saying the pic isn't real; however, I would not be going anywhere near it. Paypal or eBay look like the real losers if gets sold and doesn't show up.