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Anyone have experience with “Drifterproductions?”


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He turned up on the FL site a few years ago selling jackets but made himself unpopular as I recall. Not hard to do over there.... He also had/has a deal selling Simonds Bilt jackets in the US who supply him direct I think. He's been selling on eBay for a long time. Buy a lot at a discount and pile it high and sell it cheap maybe? Though History Preservation are the main US Eastman outlet of course.

But there is a similar man in Germany selling Eastmans at a discount and he must get his stock from somewhere.

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legit aok seller/ and open to price negotaiton. i could be wrong, but i think this seller and the one in germany source jackets from elc that elc deems not as good as their retail stock....ie: less grain, off stitching, unsold stock, etc.


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Worth considering then! I’m in the market for an ELC size 42, but at present have just been keeping my eyes on the Eastman classifieds section.


Drifter is the Ebay name and RJL Limited Adventure Outfitters is the retail store. They’re listed as a stockist on the Eastman site. I purchased an Eastman jacket from them, and beforehand I phoned and spoke to a real person to check. The jacket shipped USPS Priority with tracking the day I purchased it. I examined it very carefully, and it was genuine and first quality, had all the Eastman tags, and at a significant discount.