Antique store find original Fried Ostermann A2 what to do?


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So thanks for the patience. The measurements are:

Front along the zip: 23.5 inches
Front chest armpit to armpit: 22 inches
Back width pit to pit: 21 inches
Back height from bottom of the collar to bottom of waist knit: 25 inches
Shoulder width seam to seam on back: 18 inches
Sleeve length from shoulder seam to end of cuff: 24 inches

I have compared some of these measurements to my ELC Monarch size 42 and it seems maybe this jacket was a 42, although a few of the measurements vary some. It sure seems large when I put it on, but the waist knit and cuffs are shot and there is no elasticity so maybe that is throwing me off some. Can anyone hazard a guess on the size based on these measurementS?

I worked very carefully to clean the jacket today and started the process of slowing and conservatively conditioning it. I am pretty familiar with this process and have worked on several jackets over the past 33 years. I am amazed how nice the leather is. The jacket I am sure has been stored indoors, but it came out of a hot arid environment in the desert and was just dry overall. Even so, the leather is really butter soft. The process has been more successful with this jacket than any other original I have owned.

I am still deciding what to do. If I was certain it would fit me, it would be a no brainer and I would replace knits and lining. If it doesn’t fit, it seems counter intuitive to replace the parts to put in a collection of authentic artifacts. I am a little in love with it though, so still debating.


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If I had to guess, it's either a size 40 or 42, leaning toward a size 40. You should keep it - and I say this as someone who could actually wear it. The story of the find is a good one, and you're already developing an affinity for it. You should keep it and enjoy it. Decide whether to restore and wear it or not later. ;)


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Thanks all for the comments. Steve I hear you about only being original once. The collector in me never does anything to “restore” an item outside of perhaps adding a bit of conditioner to stabilize some lesther or wiping off a blade to prohibit future rust. I have definitely developed an appreciation for wearing reproduction jackets and admire those who carefully wear some of the originals in the spirit of keeping them alive. With no paint or patches and great leather, this one would certainly be a good candidate for something like that. If this one had a name tag or any paint or patches, the question of restoring it for me would not even be considered.

For now, I will continue to love on it, and plan to remove some of the verdigris that has developed around the collar hooks and snaps. The zipper works great and is really in pretty nice shape. I might throw it on a dress form and hang a Mae West on it, maybe plop a Bancroft on top and see what it looks like.

Mulceber, I just dont think there is any way this jacket was ever tagged a 40, it is just too large. Has to be at least a 42, just my opinion in comparing those measurements to tagged 42’s on other sites. In hand, it just feels big especially to someone who is used to size 40 and 42 flight jackets in their closet.

I’ll keep the forum posted on my final decisions in the near future. Thanks again for all the likes and nice comments. It’s always fun, although rare, when luck prevails.


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Wise words but I would prefix the word 'auction' withe the word 'open'. Personally I would keep, conserve and preserve - but not restore - it for this will ultimately provide a longer term sense of satisfaction and appreciation than a short term profit.

Remember, things are only original once.
Open... no culmination... ability to ruminate. EBay auction will broaden the scope, provide a fixed timeline, and if linked to FB groups, could make our fortunate friend a fortune.


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Here are some pics as promised of this jacket after a careful cleaning and conditioning. I wanted to give it a few days to let the conditioner soak in before posting. I am very happy with the results.