another original bronco a-2


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Here's an original plain Jane Bronco, but a rare bird being one of the few goatskin Broncs I've come across. It has the typical collar twist seen on original Broncos, also the goatskin remains super soft and pliable.

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Congrats! Thx. for sharing this textbook Bronco... Is it really goat? anyway...
...Perfect by all means!
The collar twist is the thing which also confirms its legitimacy ... Again, Thx. for sharing!


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Nice jacket Grant
There is an original on the bay currently, been there for ages now, looks ok from pics viewed on phone


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I can’t really say but I don’t want to deny the pleasure of someone owning an original A2, and I can’t see taking one out of circulation forever, since the numbers diminish day by day. So I’m thinking a Good Wear Dubow 1755.