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Another One Worth Reading .


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Almost have to laugh … the guy has blocked several people who have told him this isn’t a WWII jacket but, Dammit he’s a military collector and he knows his stuff! :rolleyes:
Read the description .



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All I know is that I will add anyone that sends me any more negative messages relating to this jacket, to my Blocked Bidder List.(с)

I don't want to talk to anyone at all on here. I will try to bother to be nice, and answer your question. But, I am going to give you only one response to your question. If you keep sending me messages after that, you will automatically have your username added to the BLOCKED BIDDER LIST.(с)

:D :D :D :D


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I love how he tries to defend himself and his 'honesty'... Even showing a reference of a real M-422A

"Hey, its an old jacket, with a fur collar. Kinda looks like a jacket from this book, so it MUST be... Whats that one called.... An M... 4... 2... 2... A... ? I smell $$$"
And then he wonders why it doesn't sell.


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What a stupid arsehole. Seriously, some people. Frankly even if he had something I wanted, his idiotic attitude would put me off giving him a single cent.