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Another Erich Hartmann flight jacket


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May I reply like this...?
„plus shipping... plus customs... and...Its in the web since approx. 12 weeks...“
Have any of you gentlemen ever seen a Luftwaffe pilot wearing a tan leather Hartmann jacket? I have this one pic but it is fuzzy and can't really tell if it is leather or cloth.
You guys keep me posted.


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Its leather, I have several better photos somewhere, it was talor made for some of the “Abbeville boys” JG 26 Schlageter...Tailored more or less like an USAAF A-1/A-2 , but no wind flap. Please also note ” no KC “ ( your earlier question) on their neck, even if all three there were already awarded with one when the photo was taken.
Greetings Gentlemen,

I need your opinions about this jacket, but this new whatever server says can not load photo that it is too large a format. So I guess I have to send photos to your email. So would you give me your email?


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Rory, please take care of yourself.
I see, the way you made the statement seemed grammatically incorrect. But then I figured that you must typing on a phone and were missing a few letters which in turn sounded as though Yoda were talking to me. LOL Hmmmm Joke I make must...hmmmm


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I just picked up this jacket on eBay. It was listed as a Luftwaffe Hartmann / cyclist jacket in horsehide, although it doesn't look like any Hartmann jacket that we are used to seeing here on the forum. What attracted me was the character of the leather and the general good looks of the jacket. According to the label it is German made, and it appears to be in good wearable condition. Any comments appreciated. Thanks............ Gary


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Its a great vintage jacket and it no doubt has a history, I think you can rule it out as an original Luft jacket as there are no holes in the breast areas where you would normally expect to find a few from Luftwaffe eagle stitching, badges and awards.
Do you have any plans for it, i.e. a wearer or a display piece?
It is nice looking. Look on the back of the zipper and see if it says Made In Germany. LOL if so, then it is post WW2. BTW, how did you post the photo? This server will not let me post photos. That is why I couldn't post anymore photos to get opinions.