AN-J-3, Dwg. AN-6552

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    I was reading some old posts and saw quite a bit of conversation on the AN-J-3. I don’t know if this was cleared up or not before, but this was in the A-2 documentation I got from the National Archives.

    The AN-J-3, drawing AN-6552, was the designated replacement for the A-2 jacket and changed the A-2 from “standard” to “limited standard” issue classification, based on this document dated May 24, 1943.


    The April 1944 USAAF catalog for ordering supplies does not list the AN-J-3 as an available option, but both the A-1 and A-2 are listed, so this may explain why three A-2 contracts were granted in Dec 1943 or after the A-2 was “retired”.

    In addition, an A-2 94-3040 specification cancellation notice dated Feb 26, 1951 states future procurement ought to be for the then-current B-15C (below). If the A-2 wasn't still very popular I doubt this would have been written.

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    Very interesting. I like the part that says the AN-J-3 is a "better fighting garment and has an improved design" over the A-2. They also said it has more flexibility.

    Gusseted pits and back come to mind with this "improved design". Really, barring the rare leather collar version, they were basically just M-422a Jackets with a AN on them instead of USN. Not a lot of "improvements" on that jacket.

    Cool stuff thanks!


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