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Discussion in 'Nylon' started by Tom in Atlanta, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Tom in Atlanta

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    Hi Guys;
    I came across a green nylon Alpha deck jacket with corduroy collar the other day in a thrift store. It had CNAP and M-1234 (I forget the actual numbers) stenciled in white on the back. Two questions - is this an issue jacket or Navy wannabe marketing ploy? And, any ideas how the stenciling could be safely removed? It looks like it would make a decent work/hunting/knock about coat without the lettering.
    Thanks and best regards Tom
  2. Rutger

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    Hengelo, Netherlands
    Sounds like one of the extreme weather deck jackets, like the A-1 deck jacket or similar. Various versions exist and I think that they're not fashion fakes. Short, long, added boyancy, with and without corduroy, impermeable.
    If I'd be sailing on a regular basis I'd buy one, they are cheap and look sturdy, are as the say impermeable to water and on top of that actually can help stay afloat rather than drag you down under water. ... t&_sacat=0

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