Air Force Modified CWU-36/P

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    Picked this up in a thrift store a while back.
    Made by Alpha, zips all stamped Scovill, with the pull tab on the cigarette pocket zip marked Gripper.
    The previous owner added some velcro patch attachment points (I wish it came with its original patches!) made out of name tag velcro tabs. I believe from the factory they only came with a name tag velcro tab on the chest.
    I especially love the one made for a command patch, and both shoulders have attachment points for other patches. I looked through all my modern Air Force patches and unfortunately none have velcro, so I was thinking of picking some up online to give the jacket its flair back.
    Also, at some point one of the pockets was repaired.

    I'm really glad to own an example that undoubtedly saw flight use. It's also a very comfortable and easy jacket to wear.
    The sleeves are definitely on the long side, does anyone else who owns one have the same excess sleeve length?

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    The squadron parachute shop or life support usually added the extra velcro for command and squadron patches. Some were cut to to the shape of the patch and sometimes they were just a large square. We were told that the squares were used in case we were captured the bad guys couldn't try to guess our unit by the patch shape. We thought it was because the square was easier for life support to sew on.
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