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Aero leathers pike brothers B15 vs Eastman B15


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I know and I saw you posted it up pretty quick that you were interested, shame if it did sell through this site based on your post but it could have gone via another avenue


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If by the (unfaithful) seller, you mean me...
Apologies. I was unaware that it is mandatory to use this channel only, for selling.
I never received a hint nor a message from anyone here mentioning he was interested...
If some hints were given, sorry I did not read /ID them as such.
Also, to reassure all, it was sold without anyone from here involved, via another support.
Again, apologies if I frustrated some potential buyer, it was no intention.... I was totally unaware of anyone interested in buying.
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As I own an Eastman B15 and have seen the Pike Bro one in pictures, I'd definitely vote for Eastman. It's just a beautiful, faithfully re-made jacket that is as close to the original Rough Wear as possible. The end zone twill is also very durable.